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Train in the ancient arts of High Magic: Align yourself with Divine Consciousness, liberate yourself from the deepest blocks and materialize your dreams!

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I’ll show you exactly how to use the universal principles and energy techniques to clear any block, master your intuition & accelerate your manifestations.

Experience dozens of hours of classes for $18.88/mo

Most self help modalities are limited to fixing oneself based on the preexisting limits of ones current mind, which is an illusory labyrinth. The moment you surrender parts of your reality to divine consciousness (your Great Self) miracles unfold, create instant shifts in your reality, recoding your subconscious.

Your Superconscious can effortlessly detangle you from the limits that keep you from your freedom and birthright of harnessing the Force and being supported by nature’s true abundance. Thousands of people all over the world have received near-instant transformations from Dreamporting and we would love to have you experience the magic:

Classes teach mastery in areas ranging from:

  • Variety of Practices to Raise your Vibration

  • Alchemizing Limiting Beliefs, and Emotions

  • Creating Momentum in your life, work and relationships

  • Communicating with Angels and Spirit Guides

  • Learning the Universal Laws

  • Healing your Inner Child

  • Working with Time and Extra Sensory Expansion

  • Attuning your skills of Manifestation

  • Breath Work to Clear Trauma

  • Clearing Emotional Triggers

  • Ancient Magic Purification Rituals

Activate your intuition to receive specific instructions from your higher self for crystal clarity and actions to take in order to quantum leap into your dreams. 

Daniel Raphael will answer your questions each week and share a remote energy transmission so you may transform what's holding you back and receive what you've been asking for! 

  • Entrain Brain Waves to Manifest Your Dreams 

  • Activating Abundance Through Emotional Freedom 

  • Manifestation Breath Work Journey

  • How to Instantly Manifest! 

  • Mastering Emotional Triggers for Manifesting 

  • Ancient Essene Ritual of Purification 

  • Mystical Make-over 

  • Connecting With Your True Heart Desires : A Guided Journey

  • Be Victorious in your Dreams 

  • Being A Multi-Dimensional Creator 

  • The Mind for Divine Genius  

  • Quantum Support Circles 

  • Energy upgrade with Daniel Raphael and Q&A

  • Become the Master of your Time for Freedom from Stress

  • Mastering Time for Freedom Part II 

Receive an ever growing library of classes as well as live Q&A for only $18.88 a month

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“This was the most powerful moment of my whole life. Thank you so much! I felt like levitating. At one moment I had a sort panic because I was loosing control but I focused on breathe and thought then it's okay I accept this fear I let it go away I let control go away. Then I started to feel warm, my body was tickling, my hand were tickling and I felt like a pressure at the end of my fingers like if some energy was trying to exit.  I journal all of that everyday and go deep into myself. I feel confident and positive, aligned. Thank you for this program."

- Luigi

"I had not spoken to my partner  for a month and a half. Now I send them love and, and we go out and spend time together. Our relationship is completely different. My attitude is changed too. I used to say many inappropriate words to other people. I used to argue with many people and raise my voice, now none of that. I'm in a completely different world. Everything that I want comes from my head combining with my heart. The air has a different smell. Thank you Daniel. When I said this "was the best gift I have ever gotten", it actually was." 

- Cheryl

"Wow 💛 thank you so much 🙏🏼 it was liberating… I lot of tears came out and then felt peace

- Daniela

"thank you so much ... some major break through tonight. blessings from Kenya."


"I cried, tears started running down my cheeks, it’s the first time this ever happens to me during a meditation ♥️"


"Incredible transformation took place. Especially when the dark arrow was removed and replaced by light during the meditation."


"Thank you,  Much needed medicine. I understand now the patterns and got the light codes to change up the patterns.  Beautiful ,  Thank you everyone for this journey together, and to you as well Daniel .  🙏🏼💜💜🌈"


"My body completely relaxed after not being able to sleep at for the past year!"


Take Charge and Embody your Truth

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I’m excited to have you with us and witness you shine your light,