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Guardian Angel Initiation

Purify yourself of darkness and interfering energies to activate and strengthen your connection with the Divine

Strengthen your telepathic relationship with your Angel to receive instant advice, guidance, protection and support

Experience a powerful re-coding of your energetic field to sync you to the frequency of miracles

Throughout ancient traditions, angels were called upon to heal, protect and shift realities for the highest good. 


From mystical Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Hermetic traditions, it is said we are all given a Holy Guardian Angel to guide and protect us in this lifetime. 


Due to the law of free will, most of us have not experienced the true miracles that occur because we have not asked to connect to our sacred helper. This angel is a bridge to divine grace and can align and serve us to manifest great transformation, guide us through any situation, and so much more.


After studying hundreds of tools and techniques around the world, the connection to my Guardian Angel has easily been the #1 most potent find of my life.

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What's included:


In this class we are going to learn the different ways we can each connect with our Guardian Angel and discover which way is strongest for you personally based on the various intuitive faculties at our disposal. We will use breathwork and frequencies to allow in deep information and energetic activations, while dissolving interfering energies and beliefs, to facilitate a clear connection with your Guardian Angel. 



Many say the ultimate secret to life is surrender. In this class, you will deepen your connection with your Guardian Angel and discover how to receive insights and support for any situation, be it a relationship, finances or an internal battle you are having.  You will receive clarity on the true nature of the issue in front of you and allow your Guardian Angel to release protection mechanisms that block you from clarity and greater manifestation. 



This class is focused on opening the heart’s magnetic field. It is only through the heart that you can transcend the mind, the illusion.  We are going to harness the grace of our Guardian Angel to support, guide and facilitate a deep heart opening journey and cultivate greater courage moving forward.  Chances are you have been getting messages to do things for a long time that you have not taken action on simply out of fear.  This meditation is designed for you to receive a powerful transmission that empowers you to align with your mission and move forward in greater ways. 



Each meditation is embedded with the original Dreamporting soundtrack channeled by renowned artist Elijah Ray and embedded with next-generation frequency technology that includes solfeggio tones, binaural beats, and sacred geometrical sound ratios to rapidly purify your energy and more easily entrain your brainwaves to enter enhanced theta and gamma states of consciousness which allow transcendent experiences, intuitive messages, and a deep connection to the quantum field of possibilities. 

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“I’ve been upgraded!!! My internal operating system was kicked up 5 or 6 notches.”

- Dream Rockwell

Co-founder of Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Creator of Lucent Dossier


Daniel Raphael, founder of Dreamporting™ is an intuitive guide & global meditation teacher who reminds people how to co-create with the universe & has taught thousands of individuals to manifest the life of their dreams.


Born with advanced intuitive abilities, which then shut down after a series of traumatic events, Daniel left conventional therapies as a young adult and embarked on a 14-year healing quest around the planet.  An eternal student, Daniel returned home after living and studying with dozens of shamans, spiritual masters & healing experts fully dedicated to sharing his life changing discoveries with the world. 

He currently advises high-impact leaders and founders of Fortune 500 companies on how to expand their consciousness, open their hearts, & lead through intuition.  Whether presenting at Necker Island and billionaire masterminds, or offering free sessions & transformational events to people in need, Daniel’s mission is to remind all of humanity of the ancient keys to life in a refreshing & playful new way.

Harness the magic of the universe

Discover the Codes & Join the Training!


Learn the different ways we can each connect with our Guardian Angel and which way is strongest for you personally 

Practice going into a transcendent state that allows for deep, intimate telepathic communion with your Guardian Angel 


Harness breathing techniques to awaken you out of limitation and entrain your brainwaves to clearly receive energetic guidance and blessings

Learn how to give permission to your Guardian Angel to transmute negative energy, protect you, and offer a variety of other support and guidance

“I feel so ALIVE in the safeness since working with my Angel” - Jan

“I experienced higher vision, guidance and many blessings & opportunities” - Mozelle

“My third eye opened!  Seeing with inner eyes open now!  Amazing!” - Fatou

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