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The Djedi Code

Quantum Manifestation System

Learn the ultimate formula for rapid manifestation of miracles


Optimize your intuition for receiving & interpreting signs & synchronicities


Recode your attractor field for magnetising the life of your dreams... now! 

Watch Now: Embodying The Djed ~ 14 minute class

Accelerate your Dreams, Transform your World:

What is the Djedi Code?

For countless generations, masters from around the world, such as the true Djedi,  have practiced harnessing the power of the universal laws of alchemy and aligning with the quantum field to materialize their dreams into form.


Synthesizing dozens of wisdom traditions, this course offers the quintessential formula along with potent amplification tools to make it simple and effective to manifest your greatest dreams.

Many manifestation programs are the mechanical "talk yourself into it" type of practices that to try and change the outside world while ignoring the deeper inner alignment. . . 


The magnetic manifestation system we teach works effortlessly because we are reprogramming perspectives and habits; which synchronises your decisions and actions to automatically realign reality in harmony with the abundant laws of Nature!

After many years of study, practice and successful application, Daniel Raphael & Anna Naturalista are thrilled to share the ultimate formula and tool kit for rapid manifestation of miracles and creating

Your dream come true life!

Anna Naturalista

Anna is the founder of the Sacred Intelligence Agency. Her leadership mastery teaching and community development systems are embraced globally; currently highlighted in two published books and three documentaries, including the award-winning "FEEL: the Waves of Intelligence" by on Gaia TV. 

Daniel Raphael

Daniel is a transformational wizard, profound alchemist and holistic teacher, advising leaders and Fortune 500 founders using cutting-edge techniques to transform people's greatest blocks in minutes through the Dreamporting system. He currently holds retreats and is based in Austin Texas.

Balancing divine intuition with absolute certainty allows for rapid manifestation, miraculous grace and absolute confidence - Sourced from Within.

The Djedi Code

9 Hour Length Classes plus 30-minutes for LIVE Q&A

CLASS #1 - Set The Sphere & Djedi Presentation

Mastering the Foundations 

  • Overview of the Mastery Course Curriculum

  • What is the ONE point of Mastery for this course

  • Guided Visualisation Meditation 

  • Get clear and stay aligned with your vision - Write it out - in the chat/ group

CLASS #2 - Communication 101

Feminine - Feeling & Tuning In

  • Discover how optimizing your intuition is crucial to live and stay in a state of miraculous flow. 

  • How signs and synchronicities can be best harnessed to collapse time and usher instant manifestation. 

  • Experience a potent intuitive activation to dissolve what’s in the way of receiving and owning your divine gifts of clarity and guidance.

CLASS #3 - Communication 102

Masculine -Command Into Existence

  • Internal Dialog

  • Re-Write Self beliefs

  • Conscious Languaging 

  • Spell Casting for Good!

CLASS #4 - Law of Love 

  • Alchemizing all/any stories of shame/blame into IM-powered innocence

  • How love is the core of magnetism and manifestation

  • Flip the Script on your perspective of “what happened” 


 CLASS #5 - Transmute challenges into Light 

Utilizing the LIFE Force + Breath-work 

  • How to harness the Force to shift the events around you in the moment
    Super conscious program reality - D
    Advanced Petition & Command Statements


CLASS #6 - Manifestation Reprogram Your Attractor Field 

Use an Avatar Archetype method to recode your attractor field to permanently magnetize your specific frequencies automatically. 

  • Archetyping and other advanced manifestation techniques


CLASS #7 - Miracles & Synchronicities 

  • Discover ancient techniques to amplify and accelerate your dreams even more while honoring the divine laws.

  • Learn how to expect miracles while detaching from results which brings the perfect conditions for rapid manifestations.


CLASS #8 - Celebrate the Present (& Graduation)

  • Celebrate where you’ve come and where you’re going by learning the secret of elevated emotion and how daily gratitude automates more abundance and joy

  • How to integrate, stabilize and deepen these principles moving forward. 

  • Magnetic Mantra is another powerful template tool to create Your own, very specific affirmation to attract Magick beyond your imagination! 


How to Instantly Manifest Guided Activation MP3


“Psychic Skills” Advanced Leadership Course

The Manifestation Mantra Template - DIY Guide



“Two weeks after we started Dreamporting, I was invited to speak with Deepak Chopra…incredible! …And so many other opportunities and clients…with ease, I didn’t have to push I didn’t have to force… I wanted to express the joy that I felt during the process, it was not difficult. Dreamporting is a rapid transformation where you can access your limitless self…I recommend this for anyone who wants to go to the next step, because it will take you there!”

- Marie Mbouni M.D.

Renowned Anesthesiologist and Spiritual Teacher 

“Anna Naturalista has mentored some of the most gifted and powerful visionary leaders that I know. Her ability to fluidly merge the spiritual with the practical creates a depth and breadth as a mentor for leaders that is efficient, applicable and actionable for real world solutions to today’s most pressing challenges. I have very much benefitted from my work with her and I know there are many others in my network and community that have also received deep value from Anna’s wisdom.”

- John Butters

Founder: Experience Tribe


We are the Ones &
the Time is Now! 

Anna and Daniel have advised a variety of leaders from veterans and tribes, to royalty and budding entrepreneurs, on the principles to amplify abundance in all areas of their life.
For the first time, we are honored to share these leadership codes with all. Join us for this exciting revelation with practical solutions for wherever you are at in your 
Self Mastery journey. 
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