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Dreamporting Flow - The Light-Speed Transformation System based off Ancient Codes to shift reality

& transcend any block in minutes! 

Learn to harness ancient energy techniques to instantly reveal the core truth of any block and transform it using your intuition.

Discover how to communicate with any aspect of the self or subconscious and recode it in minutes! 

Master techniques used by billionaires and spiritual adepts to transform your life and facilitate miracles for loved ones and clients.

Dreamporting Flow harnesses the power of quantum physics and the ancient universal laws to transform any block & limitation within minutes.


Have you been held in a pattern you haven’t been able to transcend?


Would you like to know how to reveal a core subconscious belief and rapidly transform it for yourself or someone else?

If so, then you are going to love Dreamporting Flow - a revolutionary toolkit that combines core principles of Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, Integral Psychology and newly discovered Energy Healing techniques that empowers you to facilitate miracles.


Aloha, I'm Daniel Raphael and I've spent 14 years around the world on a journey to discover how to transcend debilitating conditions, where I could barely connect with my emotions, desires, and body.


After living and studying with dozens of shamans, masters & specialists I began sharing what I discovered with those around me. Within a few years I was being flown around by leaders of different industries, billionaire CEOs and renown artists and luminaries to share the art of transformation. 

I have just put together all of my favorite techniques into a system that anyone can use on themselves or facilitate transformations on others. 

I'm honored that you have read this far and would love to share these tools with you at this powerful time of transition on the planet!

Healing can take forever...

But this is not about healing

When we focus on what's "wrong" we

forget that this life is a school and the

identity we are trying to fix is an illusion

that only exists in our mind. By transcending

linear-based limitations, we can harness

our superconscious mind and divine

intelligence to instantly let go of scarcity,

doubt, fear, memories, stories, and beliefs

and free us and our loved ones back

to an awakened reality of limitless

awareness and love. This stops the 

cycle of feeding a reality where there

is something to "fix"which perpetuates

healing cycles and challenges...

Transparent Texture

One of the greatest CEOs told me his secret:

"I learned the Universal Principles and applied them as fast as possible" 

A friend and client, who became #1 in his entire

industry in America, told me that by learning

and applying the universal laws of Alchemy,

one could accomplish anything. 

The world isn't what it seems. We live in

a quantum reality where our perspective

alone creates our world in powerful ways. 

I put together this class, alchemizing the codes

of various teachings, so we can align with how

reality works and not "heal" from our ego but

facilitate automated and instant miracles

by getting out of the way and allowing the

higher self to transform and liberate us. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 10.44.49

Harness the magic of the universe

Discover the Codes & Join the Training!

Get Started:

I’ll show you exactly how to use the universal principles and energy techniques I’ve discovered to facilitate miracles! 


Learn to enter a nondual state to instantly maximize healing potential and dissolve the ego.


Discover the Akasha principle and how harnessing the power of ancient alchemical laws can quantumly transform situations beyond the limits of space-time. 


Learn to open a portal, use timeline shifting, and other advanced energy techniques to instantly raise one’s frequency, manifest, and transcend a negative spiral or situation.


Discover the easy way to navigate the subconscious, discover it’s limitations and recode it just like playing a video game. 


Harness the power of several advanced energy rays, including the Ultra Violet Ray, that can instantly reveal the truth of any situation.

Learn to integrate sub-personalities and the inner child to alchemize the very core of the issue at hand. 


Master the quantum memory technique to instantly reveal the root of a block, and completely reprogram it in a few minutes. 


Understand the potent communication skills and relationship principles that will transform any interpersonal situations you are dealing with or guiding someone through.


Receive three powerful breathing techniques which can instantly bring someone into 1) deep inner peace, 2) emotional catharsis / trauma release and 3) high-frequency theta state for subconscious recoding


Learn the Quantum Forgiveness Process which facilitates an expanded perspective beyond victim mentality into catharsis and freedom.


Master the use of Superconscious Commands which instantly shifts the quantum field and upgrades one's operating system.

"Dreamporting was a life changing paradigm shift for me. One paragraph of endorsement cannot fully summarize the plethora of ways in which my life improved from this system so I'll just say this ... if our minds and bodies are computers then Dreamporting gave my operating system an upgrade."

- Adi Shankar

Executive Producer of Netflix series "Castlevania," & many other critically acclaimed Hollywood hits.

I remember the day when I realized I had something special to share. A man in his 30’s who was about to kill himself was transformed with this very system, in only one 40-minute phone call. Seven years later, he is still leading a happy and successful life.

We don’t need ten years of therapy to transform when we know how reality works... I invite you to take the quantum leap and experience this for yourself. This class was originally recorded live at $1888 and is now offered at an introductory rate of only $97 to be affordable for all. 

Take the leap:


“I’ve been upgraded!!! My internal operating system was kicked up 5 or 6 notches.”

- Dream Rockwell

Co-founder of Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Creator of Lucent Dossier

Check out this stunning Before and After video where you can see Nemo’s entire face and energy transform in 30 days: 

“I feel so much more  present in my body and in my day ready to engage with everything… I got to gain an immaculate, vivid vision of the life I want … on the very last day of our Dreamporting, I landed my first paid coaching client. Dreamporting is a way to accelerate you from where you are, right into the life you want to be living…right now.”

- Nemo

“Two weeks after we started Dreamporting, I was invited to speak with Deepak Chopra…incredible! …And so many other opportunities and clients…with ease, I didn’t have to push I didn’t have to force… I wanted to express the joy that I felt during the process, it was not difficult. Dreamporting is a rapid transformation where you can access your limitless self…I recommend this for anyone who wants to go to the next step, because it will take you there!”

- Marie Mbouni M.D.

Renowned Anesthesiologist and Spiritual Teacher 

Check out this Before and After testimonial of Kramer's 30-day transformation: 

Sign up for the training:

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