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April 21-23 2023


Awaken your Genius!

Join us on a Mystical Makeover to embody your true self and unleash your Destiny!

Austin TX ~ January 26-28 2024 ~

Food + Lodge included


  • Advanced Ceremonial & Angel Magic Rituals that can only be done in person!

  • Undergo a series of initiations with rare alchemical elixirs from the Amazon, Egypt, and a 500-year old Royal formula from Emperor Rudolph II's Secret Alchemical Laboratory! 

  • Receive 1-1 in person support from Daniel Raphael, Sara Morell, Mark Boughton & amazing other guides and teachers to launch you and your mission to a whole new level!

  • Feel Completely Safe within yourself and anchor this HOME frequency for radical confidence and magnetic mastery and expression

  • Choose your own adventures from incredible private bodywork, healing sessions, photo shoot, video reel shoot, & more to leave ready to 10x your abundance while having more fun! 

  • Recode your subconscious and cellular intelligence to magnetize miracles & clear imprints in your field that block you from success.

  • Enjoy various manifestation rituals throughout 3 days of incredible curated experiences & surprises

  • Make life long friends and community and connect deeper with Dreamporting Teachers. This is the only in-person event that's on the calendar in the next year! 

It's in you

If you're ready to be fully supported in stepping into your true self, full expression, & magnetic abundance, we'd love to have you! 

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it's in you - awaken your genius!

Imagine joining us 3 trajectory changing, intensive days of alchemy and metamorphosis. The price includes gourmet food (both organic vegan and Paleo options), and all experiences along with 1-1 laser support from Daniel and incredible master facilitators!

Each day has a transformational arc designed to ensure you don't just have breakthrough's but anchor it into your body and have clear and actionable steps to shine your light in greater ways to quantum leap your impact & abundance 


Awaken your Genius

January 2024

Completely upgrade your Magnetic Field! 

DAY ONE: Undergo a deep somatic breath and sound journey to purify yourself on many levels! Release the deepest layers of stuck emotions, thought forms, energies, and subconscious contracts and limits that hold you back. Unlock new levels of clarity using Ancient Hermetic techniques to quantum shift any areas of your life that feel blocked from relationships, business, mission, health and abundance. Celebrate through a Divine Connection Portal to free your true self dissolve what's in the way with special alchemical rituals that you will also learn to be able to perform on yourself and others if you so desire!



DAY TWO: Recode your entire electromagnetic field to magnetize your dreams, recapitulate your power, and align yourself more than you've ever experienced! With deep 1-1 support from Daniel and Team, collapse negative timelines, shift situations for the highest good and open up your capacity to create miracles, abundance, joy, and love with an ancient initiation of grace to align and embody your True North. Experience a life-changing celebration at night with leading local community leaders, healers and visionaries offering oracle readings, bodywork, and incredible miracles as you rewire your operating system into a state of joy, peace and effortless abundance!


DAY THREE: With optional sauna, cold plunge and healing technologies, integrate and align with your new timeline using the Dreamporting Map technique and several workshops to bring your greatness fully into the physical body, fully equipping you to launch into the greatest chapter of your life with a clear compass, vibrant energy, and true confidence and divine faith! 




Realize your complete system to instantly transform any block and consistently materialize your dreams !

"Dreamporting was a life changing paradigm shift for me. Dreamporting gave my operating system an upgrade."
-Adi Shankar: Netflix Producer, Creator of Guardians of Justice & Castlevania

Each DAY includes:

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Meet your guide:

Daniel Raphael spent 15 years around the world traveling with some of the greatest masters, healers and experts while also through meditation discovered a system called Dreamporting that has transformed over 50,000 people. In this rare in-person experience, he will share new rituals and activations that are designed to offer a true metamorphosis and quantum leap while being able to offer in-person 1-1 adjustments and guidance along with an amazing team of his favorite friends and guides. It would be an honor to meet you and support you in facilitating miracles for your life, mission, and happiness! 

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Sara Morell’s life is dedicated to Sharing ancient secrets and cutting-edge sciences that have helped her to become a master manifestor, cultivator of healing and practitioner of play. She now activates others seeking their own path to empowerment to become the future “she/he” they desire. She shares divinely guided messages which have transformed many lives—owning multiple businesses built from the ground up and founder of a global nonprofit-providing education and relief.

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Supported by Sarah Morell


  • Psychedelics will not be served or allowed at this event. Instead, special herbal blends made and blessed from awakened Nepalese Monks will be offered and are designed to boost your energy, calm your mind, and amplify your spiritual connection and gifts.

  • A range of other alchemical and magic elixirs will be served which will subtly align you and open up abilities and insights. All food and substances are optional and based on what your body guides you to do! 


Spiritual Journeys

  • Each day powerful and unique channeled experiences will be offered. 

  • Deep catharsis, insights, and sometimes paradigm shattering realizations will ensue

  • Deep breathing, expressing your voice and deepest authentic self is crucial for experiencing a full transformation. The more you play full out, the more miracles will happen! 

  • Daniel and the Dream team will be available to support individuals who need extra support throughout each experience. 


Are you Ready to: 






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Hear How These Events Transformed lives:

What is Wizardry?

Distorted or demeaned throughout history by some wishing to hide the true power of reality creation and the Sacred Laws of the Universe which are our sacred birthright, True High Magic comes from the perspective of Unconditional Love and Divine Faith where the highest good of all is our True North. 


This Divine Force is what flows through you and gives you clarity, guidance, and allows for miracles to spontaneously emerge. 


Although mysterious and mystical, this Force operates through Metaphysical Laws and Ancient Techniques which when initiated into usher in the greatest freedom and opportunity to co-create a more beautiful world. 


In this experience, not only will you go through a variety of fun, cathartic, and empowering experiences that may remind you of a Mystic School from the movies or ancient times, you will learn how to use many of these quantum tools to empower you for life and if you desire, facilitate them for others! 


When we upgrade our Operating System to the divine perspective and claim our own Divinity within, the mountains in our path will move, and our greatest dreams will find us, fast. 


If you’ve been looking for the true life breakthrough or up level after trying many other things, you’ve found it! No one leaves these experiences without profound realizations and miracles. Your time is now! 




Payment Plans Available

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