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Quantum Leap Day TWO Replay

Day ONE Replay

Manifestation Masterclass
Inner Child Healing Activation & How to be a Dreamporter!

Bonus 1-1 Sessions
Watch how any issue can be cleared in minutes!

Friday's Bonus Training:

Testimonials from Event:

Yesterday's session freed up sooo much. This morning I woke up to 6 opportunities laid before me that included new clients for my 4 week shamanic soul coaching course, new sales, and so much more. Today's visions and new timeline are HUGE and I can fully feel into this future NOW!!! - Tara


I am born again…tks Daniel. Amazing trip - Doris


 I've never felt my Higher Self like that before.  And the genuine love I felt from my loved ones was wonderful!  Thank you! - Jenna 


This is the most  phenomenal experience I  have ever  had!! I don't have words.... - Linda


I saw my future and it wasn’t what I expected. My future looks powerful and wonderful beyond anything I ever thought. - Hollie


That is just what home feels like for me. Thank you for working on this with us, I’m immensely impressed - Michael


Thank you. I am so grateful to have found this experience.  I am coming back to me! Finally! Decades of abuse are melting away faster than I have done before and it is giving me me again. Thank you thank you thank you. I choose my golden timeline! I am free! 🙂 <3 - Brooke


Profound exercise, meeting my future self and higher self.  I'm astounded.  Touching the divine eternal.  WOW - Avery


I’ve never surrendered like that and WOWOWOW my future is sooo freaking incredible! A version of myself is already there, doing that. I thought that yesterday was amazing but today was indescribable - Stav

that breathing technique was definitely the trick! I released so many different emotions. I've tried many things like this in the past but have never had any type of true emotional reactions like I did with this - Heather


healing from chronic pain in both feet, visions of me as a sovereign chief with a tribe. - Ben


the breathwork experience is incredible specially dreamport breath I have COPD and PTSD this experience has been such as breakthrough for me I can breath again - Rod


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