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Quantum Leap into your Dreams

Are you feeling overwhelmed or pressured about how to navigate and thrive through this global crisis?


Join me on a free class where I will teach you the key to rapidly transforming your subconscious and the manifestations in your life by rewiring your timeline.


Sign up to get access, and make sure you have an hour of uninterrupted time so you can be fully present with the lessons and the meditation to activate these keys.


Program your dreams to transform your core blocks, attract new abundance, and design a new life.


With the chaos going on in the world right now, it seems that it is easy to slip into anxiety, hopelessness, and confusion. Many self-help techniques exist but often not in a system that is designed for these times. A system that leverages your intuition and helps clear the path of challenges so you can show up your best for your mission and loved ones.


This masterclass will share three keys to how the subconscious will manifest negative situations and bypass your intuition and how to breakthrough these challenges in a sustainable yet rapid way.

Check out this video for a taste of Dreamporting inspired by our first retreat:

What to Expect in this Free Class:


  • A breakdown of often forgotten universal principles that are the key to living in flow and harmony that I train my Fortune 500 CEOs to integrate which have taken them to incredible new heights.

  • Learn the specific tools and strategies to shift your timeline, limitations and blocks in order to open up the vortex for incredible new miracles and manifestations.

  • Discover short-cuts by hearing the story of how I went from living on couches with half a dozen severe mental disorders to being flown around by world leaders to teach them these same energy-based techniques.

  • Tap into the power of the quantum field, awaken to your true nature, and learn the opportunities of co-creating directly with the universe.

  • Learn how to manifest miracles by using an 8-step system that is based on the power of your intuition and the keys to layering frequencies in your life just like you would to make a song!

  • Experience an enhanced brainwave state through the meditation to tap into deeper intuition and the quantum field of possibilities.

  • Get a glimpse of your future blueprint and instructions from your higher self for a clearer way forward.

Join the magic


Hey I’m Daniel Raphael and I specialize in guiding leaders to upgrading their inner operating system to manifest the life of their dreams in alignment with the highest good. From volunteering at senior homes and an orphanage in India to speaking at the United Nations and Necker Island, I’ve worked with people of all walks of life to help them realize the keys to their dreams.


I have trained thousands of people around the world to connect with their higher self, learn quantum techniques to transform their deepest “blocks” in minutes, and optimize their timeline for incredible miracles and success. Whether you are new on the spiritual path of self-realization or have worked diligently for decades, Dreamporting is designed as a gamified system that is both simple yet effective for the spectrum of human beings who wish to evolve because it is based on radically improving your intuitive and alchemical superpowers whether they have been relatively unused or your main focus of work for years!

Who this if for:

This is for anyone that is committed to awakening and doing about 30 minutes a day of practices to completely transform!


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Thank you!