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The experience
of a lifetime





OCT 3 - 9 Retreat | Oct 10-14 Residency

Gourmet Food & epic lodging Included

Join us for 7 or 12 days of life-changing miracles, training, community healing + celebration!

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Experience Divine Communions with the 14 Angels of the Essene Manuscripts that align you with the Divine within yourself, once every dawn and dusk for the deepest level of purification and activation of your intuitive faculties and divine gifts.



You will have the ability to to attend incredible workshops, activations, trainings, and ceremonies to unlock your divine connection, return your power, and master channeling your gifts + light to the world. 



Whether you have been certified or not as a Dreamporting Practitioner, you will be able to rediscover the 3 Miracle Systems of Dreamporting to undergo miraculous transformations and upgrades. If you so desire, you can also be certified as an advanced practitioner of Dreamporting so you can share this with others and grow your practice with the most cutting-edge alchemical techniques to facilitate miracles! Even if you are not interested in sharing this gift with others, these daily workshops will allow you to undergo deep alchemy to clear the karmic imprints and limitations still holding you back for radical manifestation and joy!



Koyote, the #1 Apprentice of the shaman known in Carlos Castenada’s books as “Don Juan” will be sharing initiations and classes from ancient lineages during the first few days. Moosa the Sufi Master will be sharing incredible ceremonies (no plant medicines will be provided) and teachings daily throughout the 7 days as well for miraculous healings and dissolutions of the dualities that block us from Divine Awakening. There will be many opportunities to connect and interact with these incredible master teachers and healers.


What's included:
-All healthy and diverse gourmet breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, treats, and materials for workshops and retreat
-Lodging in Castle or surrounding 
accommodations walking distance to all activities and halls in the village
-All group sessions and extra activities such as nature immersions and trips
-Round trip Shuttle Service from Rome at organized times  



Experience the complete system to instantly transform any block and consistently materialize your dreams !

"Dreamporting was a life changing paradigm shift for me. Dreamporting gave my operating system an upgrade."
-Adi Shankar: Netflix Producer, Creator of Guardians of Justice & Castlevania

Each DAY includes:

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Hear How These Events Transformed lives:



The residency is an incredible way to deepen your connections and interact more with Daniel, Moosa, and other incredible teachers and students. You will have the choice between:

Option 1:
Receive Daily 1-1 Dreamporting Awakening Sessions with one of our Master Practitioners in training for an unfoldment into your freedom that’s beyond words. Workshops and activations will happen daily, yet there is also more free time to colive, cowork, and enjoy and go on excursions, as desired. This is a great time to start living your new life and integrate with more flow and openness to choose your own adventure. You will also be able to work on your business, do daily rituals with Daniel + other teachers, and go on excursions of your choice to incredible nature hikes, beach, rafting, hot springs, and more with your new best friends!

Option 2:
Master Dreamporting Certification - If you have successfully completed the Advanced Practitioner Training (which you can join in the retreat even if you haven’t trained with me before) and are deemed to be ready for the Master Training, you will have the option to Train deeper with Daniel Raphael to master the techniques. You will then be promoted on a directory to support you in greater impact and success in your practice. For those that are aligned embodiments of the Dreamporting Miracle System by invitation only, will be allowed to teach their own Dreamporting Retreats at any locations in the world, and be promoted to rapidly expand their practice and impact to the world! There is no additional cost for this training and certification.

For 12 nights: from incredible networking, community activities, learning how to make pizza from one of the world renown pizza makers in the world, and incredibly curated ceremonies like they had in ancient times, evenings and nights are a time to integrate and elevate your joy while making incredible connections with some of the most legendary souls on the planet!

Upgrade to a private suite for either 7 or 12 days for the same discounted price.

Please note there is still an application process you will receive after payment. If for any reason we feel you are not ready for this particular event, we will promptly refund your payment. 

Meet your guides:

Daniel Raphael is an energetic surgeon & alchemist. Through his practice thousands have entered with their insecurities and through his process those same insecurities become super powers. 


From living with tribes in the jungle, learning manifestation from a benevolent billionaire, and being self-initiated through ancient and forgotten manuscripts, Daniel’s 13 year journey around the world to heal from debilitating anxiety, depression, and autistic symptoms led him from a broken child to the advisor of some of the leaders of Fortune 500 of our age and a teacher of his unique system: Dreamporting to over 50,000 students around the world. He will be leading this retreat and offering 1-1 support throughout the experience.


Koyote is a Toltec Shaman who began his training among the volcanoes and jungles of

El Salvador, where the revolutionary dreams of a just and good world framed his

spiritual aspirations. While pursuing his Jesuit education and volunteering to create and

lead a literacy program for the children of war refugees, Koyote trained in Tantra Yoga

and Western Mysticism during his adolescence, until he was forced into exile when

targeted by that troubled country's death squads.


In 1985, Koyote fled to the USA, where he obtained political asylum and, eventually, his

citizenship. He then took on the role of a householder and raised a family, worked full

time, and pursued his graduate and post-graduate studies in Philosophy and Cognitive

Sciences at UCSD and Santa Clara University. His worldly obligations did not stop his

spiritual pursuits. He was initiated in Kriya Yoga and Magick while fulfilling his duties as

a householder.


In 1995, he was initiated by his Yaqui-Lacandon benefactor into the Toltec tradition and

the Path of the Infinite. Koyote was acknowledged as a teacher in the lineage by the

elder Nahual, Teczaki Güitame Cachora.


He developed a Toltec improvisational performance art called The Telling, a mystical

inducing experience known to affect and transform the listener through a direct and

unmediated experience.


He works both for humanity, but also against the status quo of this current world. He is a holder of different traditions: Tantra, Yoga, Magic, The Path of the Nagual, Mayombe, The Brujo.


Moosa’s renowned for his expertise in integrating the ancient secret codes of Sufis into modern healing practices.  


He is the founder of Ascension Somatics, he has developed a platform that leverages these profound teachings for personal healing and unlocking spiritual ascension experiences, that is highly regarded by many.  


His lifelong devotion to exploring many renowned ancient mystical traditions makes him a visionary leader in the field, guiding individuals toward transformative spiritual enlightenment and growth.



Here is what you can expect to experience and receive:

Free Your Expression:

Finally break through the "protection" mechanisms and unleash your full Soulful expression without the conditioning and programs of your past limiting the radiance that you are! The more you shine authentically, the greater reflections in your relationships and abundance will be. Feel safe to be embraced by community and let love fully in...

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Awaken Your Spirit

Awaken to a world  where miracles continually flow throughout life. Through a series of spiritual initiations, breakthrough games, and alchemical journeys, you'll be guided beyond the veils of illusion. You will then Stabilize this awakened state within you and carry it forward into every aspect of your life through celebration and play.

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Unleash Your Gifts:

Unlock and expand your innate gifts and ones you did not know you possessed, through gamified experiences and quests while making lifelong friends you've always wanted. In the realm of endless possibilities, we stand by your side, ensuring every barrier to your soul being embodied is dismantled. Rediscover your genius and magic, and remember the unique gifts you bring to this world.

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Unlock Your Bliss
Rediscover the natural flow of joy that springs eternal within you. By jumpstarting this innate bliss, watch as it magnifies abundance, ignites creativity, and boosts confidence. It's a journey back to your heart's joyful rhythm, resonating with the pulse of life itself.

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Your time is now!

When we upgrade our Operating System to the divine perspective and claim our own Divinity within, the mountains in our path will move, and our greatest dreams will find us, fast. 


If you’ve been looking for the true life breakthrough or up level after trying many other things, you’ve found it! No one leaves these experiences without profound realizations and miracles as long as you fully participate. Your time is now! 

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Join the experience of a lifetime!

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