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Dream Magic
Virtual Retreat

Automate your subconscious to Manifest Miracles

You can transform your life in just two days with this virtual retreat.

Learn the practice of a Timeline Quantum Leap for 

90% Discount from $888 to only $66 Early Bird

I’ll show you exactly how to use the universal principles and energy techniques to clear blockages, open your field to emanate your truth and amplify your manifestations. 


Join our training to learn how to dissolve the root block of your authentic expression and a guided activation to completely transmute this block to reconnect with your deep spiritual power. 

Learn ancient ritual using angels to rapidly purify your energy field and release the limitations and thought constructs holding you back from manifesting your dreams

Activate your intuition to receive specific instructions from your higher self for crystal clarity and actions to take in order to quantum leap into your dreams. 

Daniel will answer your questions and share a remote energy transmission so you may transform what's holding you back and receive what you've been asking for! 

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"Dreamporting was a life changing paradigm shift for me. One paragraph of endorsement cannot fully summarize the plethora of ways in which my life improved from this system so I'll just say this ... if our minds and bodies are computers then Dreamporting gave my operating system an upgrade."

- Adi Shankar

Executive Producer of Netflix series "Castlevania," and many other critically acclaimed Hollywood hits.

In this advanced training I will show you how I guide my Astral Body and forgotten Angels during sleep to:


  • Wake up completely refreshed and with life-changing dream messages to reveal answers to my questions

  • Attract and connect with new opportunities, clients, and hard-to-reach connections through the Spiritual Realm. 

  • Receive incredible physical, emotional, and spiritual healing while I sleep through crafting angelic vortexes

  • Heal and recode all relationships to my life, including past conflicts, and even my relationship to time and money 

  • Reprogram my Subconscious to wake up fully motivated and clear to launch my dreams and serve in greater ways



Day One: Saturday March12: 12-1:30 PST/3-3:30 EST 



  • Masterclass: How to Recode your Subsconscious and Give a List to your Astral Body to perform while you Dream 

  • Receive a deep activation to completely recode your subconscious in a 30 minute ritualized breathwork journey.

  • Q&A Session to answer all your questions 



Day Two: Sunday March13: 12-1:30 PST/3-3:30 EST 


  • Masterclass: How to call and connect with a set of Angels, and conjure a portal around your bed to allow miracles to occur while you sleep! 

  • Journey in a ceremony where you will receive a potent energy transmission and connect with and be transformed by the grace of several powerful angels of divine light. 

  • Q&A to answer all your questions 


What to bring / expect: 


Due to the advanced nature of this course, if you are new to spirituality, working with divine consciousness, or are going through a challenging time, chances are you may experience intense experiences such as emotional release, shaking, powerful sensations of buzzing, temperate change, and/or potent visual or thought-based insights that may take time to integrate. It is important that if you feel called to join you allow time after each class and for the next 7 days to journal, and consider using the tools given to you in our integration guide to offer the most powerful benefits and graceful shift to a new level of happiness, peace and success in your dreams. 


If you do not with to be in the Q and A, each experience is only 60 minutes from 12-1 pm PST. 


Please ensure you are in a quiet and private space, where you can either sit or lay down for the meditation portion, and that you have a journal and pen, and a glass of water ready. 


You can invite friends you care about to this experience by sharing this link! 


“I feel so much more  present in my body and in my day ready to engage with everything… I got to gain an immaculate, vivid vision of the life I want … on the very last day of our Dreamporting, I landed my first paid coaching client. Dreamporting is a way to accelerate you from where you are, right into the life you want to be living…right now.”

- Nemo

“Two weeks after we started Dreamporting, I was invited to speak with Deepak Chopra…incredible! …And so many other opportunities and clients…with ease, I didn’t have to push I didn’t have to force… I wanted to express the joy that I felt during the process, it was not difficult. Dreamporting is a rapid transformation where you can access your limitless self…I recommend this for anyone who wants to go to the next step, because it will take you there!”

- Marie Mbouni M.D.

Renowned Anesthesiologist and Spiritual Teacher 

“This was the most powerful moment of my whole life. Thank you so much! I felt like levitating. At one moment I had a sort panic because I was loosing control but I focused on breathe and thought then it's okay I accept this fear I let it go away I let control go away. Then I started to feel warm, my body was tickling, my hand were tickling and I felt like a pressure at the end of my fingers like if some energy was trying to exit.  I journal all of that everyday and go deep into myself. I feel confident and positive, aligned. Thank you for this program."

- Luigi

"I had not spoken to them for a month and a half. Now I send them love and, and we go out and spend time together. Our relationship is completely different. My attitude is changed too. I used to say many inappropriate words to other people. I used to argue with many people and raise my voice, now none of that. I'm in a completely different world. Everything that I want comes from my head combining with my heart. The air has a different smell. Thank you Daniel. When I said this "was the best gift I have ever gotten", it actually was." 

- Cheryl

Take Charge and Embody your Truth

I’m excited to have you with us and witness you shine your light,




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