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Thank you for your trust to receive the Dreamporting Elixir. This Elixir is designed to be taken with a deep intention to greatly amplify your wish by connecting you with the quantum field and dissolving limitations.

After setting your intention with your mind and heart (feeling it deeply as if already done), take a few drops of the potion and immediately close your eyes and meditate with deep breaths for a minute, visualize yourself embodying the energy or successful scene your desire. You may also ask for any guidance as your intuition will be enhanced during this time.

This elixir is also designed to be taken with the Dreamporting classes which teach you to shift timelines and transform and manifest rapidly. 



December 31-Jan 2nd 2022

This retreat and mastermind is about taking back our power from any illusions and distractions that have been haunting our lives by completely aligning with the Divine Source and claiming mastery over our ability to command our awareness to create a more beautiful world.


Undergo multiple layers of purification while enjoying a variety of mystical soups, teas and elixirs from Himalayan and Taoist traditions.  


Shed the deepest trauma and limitations from your physical body via multidimensional release, state of the art technology and rare supplements to purify the body and bind and inactivate toxins.


Enjoy ice baths, a float tank and sauna sessions to stabilize your true self in awakened awareness. 


Recapitulate your power with ancient rituals to shed darkness, illusions, constrictions and blocks. 


Experience a Lucid Dreaming ceremony to reveal your deeper mission and truths. 

Receive codes from ancient mystery schools and newly discovered technologies and supplements to completely upgrade your life and align your mission in 3 days and nights.

Train the subskills needed to prepare for the next few years including instant intuitive knowing, remote viewing, invisibility, protection and MUCH MORE

Secret Timeline Energy Techniques - Implement techniques that can actually optimize and clear your timeline, shifting events and challenges before they happen while magnetizing incredible opportunities.

And much more...



Undergo a deep stack of purification procedures for your body mind and soul to deeply dissolve illusion and negative enchantments, toxins, and subconscious limitations from your being. 



Train in advanced Jedi arts, deepen your awakened state and embody your true power with incredible exercises and initiation ceremony. 


Experience an integrative spa and biohacking day with float tank, sauna, optional ice bath, and incredible practices to seal and strengthen your new power and clear awareness. 

Spa Pool



Enjoy a Dieta of rare Himalayan roots for psychic mastery

$120 value - INCLUDED


Receive a personal laser session with Daniel Raphael

$333 value - INCLUDED


Enjoy a magical toolbox to leave with including rare potions

and ceremonial tools and playlists

$250 value - INCLUDED


Receive cutting-edge biohacking technology and supplements

$400 value - INCLUDED


Experience a private float tank session, sauna + spa experience

$170 value - INCLUDED


Learn from rare surprise speakers and masters

$500 value - INCLUDED


Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 10.44.49

"Dreamporting was a life changing paradigm shift for me. One paragraph of endorsement cannot fully summarize the plethora of ways in which my life improved from this system so I'll just say this ... if our minds and bodies are computers then Dreamporting gave my operating system an upgrade."

- Adi Shankar

Executive Producer of Netflix series "Castlevania," and many other critically acclaimed Hollywood hits.

“Anyone that ever watched Harry Potter or knows that there’s more that what meets the eye would love this, this is about tapping into the deepness and unlocking the magic that’s all around.”

- Mike Chang

Creator of Six Pack Shortcuts, the #1 most subscribed Youtube channel on Fitness


“I’ve been upgraded … my internal operating system was kicked up 5 or 6 notches.”

- Dream Rockwell

Co-founder of Lightning in a Bottle Festival, Creator of Lucent Dossier

Check out this stunning Before and After video where you can see Nemo’s entire face and energy transform in 30 days: 

“I feel so much more  present in my body and in my day ready to engage with everything… I got to gain an immaculate, vivid vision of the life I want … on the very last day of our Dreamporting, I landed my first paid coaching client. Dreamporting is a way to accelerate you from where you are, right into the life you want to be living…right now.”

- Nemo

“Two weeks after we started Dreamporting, I was invited to speak with Deepak Chopra…incredible! …And so many other opportunities and clients…with ease, I didn’t have to push I didn’t have to force… I wanted to express the joy that I felt during the process, it was not difficult. Dreamporting is a rapid transformation where you can access your limitless self…I recommend this for anyone who wants to go to the next step, because it will take you there!”

- Marie Mbouni M.D.

Renowned Anesthesiologist and Spiritual Teacher 

Check out this Before and After testimonial of Kramer's 30-day transformation: 

Misty Slopes

For any questions: email 

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