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When you’re ready to invest in yourself and quantum leap, our 1-1 mentorship has the proven track record of accelerating your success in miraculous ways. 

This is where you discover how to revive your happiness, resurrect your inner power, realign with your purpose and amplify your abundance and gifts. 

How did Peter go from making 8-figure deals to 11-figure deals in only 6 months in my mentorship? 

How did Alice go from addiction and despair to shining in her healing practice, activating her psychic abilities, and tripling her clients in the first 3 months?

Whether you’re looking to focus on your business, relationships, health, or spiritual awakening, it all boils down to your connection to your Divine Self. Where are you pretending not to be Divine (limited, unworthy, judging yourself which blocks your manifestations and alignment). 

The reason it’s challenging to simply reconnect with ourselves and be in alignment is because we’ve built up on artifice to protect us from the traumas of this world and the programming we were raised in. The artifice, or false identity, is an artificial structure or mask that we no longer need and is actually the cause of why we self sabotage, why we block our own dreams, and why we have troubling receiving more in relationships, abundance, health & our spiritual path. 

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Many people come to me after decades of spiritual books, seminars, ceremonies and retreats yet haven't truly broken though. This is why I created the 1-1 Mentorship.

Intuitive guidance for your unique and complex situation,, custom exercises + protocols to truly realign you in an accelerated path, on-demand coaching to ensure momentum + accountability. These are the cornerstones that allow miracles to occur throughout our year together.




  • Longevity

  • Vitality

  • Fitness

  • Biohacking/Optimizing


  • Executive Business Coaching

  • Precise Manifestation

  • Clearing Money Blocks

  • Increasing your Capacity to Receive 



  • Relationships

  • Purpose

  • Lifestyle Optimization

  • Living in Joy



  • Quantum Healing

  • Subconscious Reprogramming

  • Spiritual Awakening 

  • Aligning with your Mission




If you are ready for mastery in your vibration + life, our 1-1 Mentorship is an exclusive inner circle that gives you access to the following:

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Monthly Virtual VIP day: Have access to Daniel’s private 1-1 chat where you can ask any questions you need throughout the day on all topics and receive intuitive guidance and quantum energetic clearings. Daniel will also have several office hours open that day where you can receive laser coaching/sessions on zoom within small groups of like-minded individuals.

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24/7 text/voice note coaching with our Master Focus Coach who will ensure you integrate the teachings, reframe limiting beliefs, lift you up when you feel down, and keep you focused and accountable on the path you’re guided to take.

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Join our transformational 7-day retreat for free OR receive 2 hours of private session time with Daniel Raphael (can be used in-person if you are in the same area, or done virtually).

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Full Access to our Academy + All Courses: Receive our advanced trainings to skyrocket your results and live and recorded sessions each week with incredible masters and practitioners whenever you require support or would like to deepen your skills and activate your gifts.


Watch every area of your life quickly be transformed!

Here’s the reality:

Transitioning from decades (if not lifetimes) of certain karmic patterns and limitations is not the easiest. There are many layers to unwind for you to receive the clear intuition from Spirit, and the full joy and abundance of this world. When you join our mentorship, you have all the tools, trainings, and resources you require to be supported and accelerate your journey there. You will be guided with love to avoid the pitfalls every step of the way. 

And you’ll have access to an intimate group of entrepreneurs, heart-centered community, and special offers with incredible Masters joining you on the journey. 

Are you ready to Quantum Leap?

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Daniel Raphael?

Daniel Raphael is a world-renown executive coach turned spiritual guide that has discovered a system to rapidly alchemize any blocks and shift timelines for rapid manifestation + awakening. He has coached some of the world’s top fortune 500 founders and over 50,000 students in Dreamporting Academy who have received powerful awakenings and transformations. It’s your time for miracles. 


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