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The Quantum Leap
Austin | Feb 27 10:30 am- 5 pm

Timeline Shift into your Dreams

Shift Timelines to Transform your blocks and accelerate your manifestations!

I’ll show you exactly how to harness the universal laws and use ancient energy techniques to instantly clear blockages, receive pinpoint life clarity, and teleport into your dreams so you can experience:


Mastery of your intuition and clarity

Magnetic Confidence and Decisiveness

Harmonized relations with people, money, and time

Surrender to life and Divine Consciousness

Alignment with your Destiny

Miraculous Manifestations and Abundance

10:30 am Opening Activation by Sara Morell

11:00 am Learn the Universal Laws to transform any block in minutes and materialize your dreams

Experience and train with advanced energy techniques to transform your reality instantly


12:30 pm Light Lunch and Integration


1:00 pm Ancient Liberation Journey

Experience a guided breath and brainwave frequency embedded journey with the help of Angels to reveal the secret blocks of your subconscious and free yourself from your core issue. Receive a powerful energetic clearing that has transformed thousands of lives and dissolves the false identity which is at the root of all blocks.

3:00 pm The Timeline Shift

Experience an advanced transformation by surrendering to your higher self, receive clear directives to guide your future, and completely anchor in the new vibrations which will rapidly magnetize your dreams! 

Download the Dreamporting map, learn to remote view the future and receive pinpoint guidance for the next 30 days of your life!

Watch the synchronicities and miracles unfold!  

4:30 pm Closing Circle 


Learn how to dissolve the root block of your authentic expression and a guided activation to completely transmute this block to reconnect with your deep spiritual power. 

Learn ancient rituals using angels to rapidly purify your energy field and release the limitations and thought constructs holding you back from manifesting your dreams

Activate your intuition to receive specific instructions from your higher self for crystal clarity and actions to take in order to quantum leap into your dreams. 



Daniel Raphael is a global meditation teacher and high-impact coach that advises Fortune 500 founders and high-impact leaders, as well as thousands of students in his Dreamporting Academy. Through deep understanding and direct harnessing of the laws which govern reality, Daniel offers effortless and simple guidance that allows individuals and companies to achieve empowerment, freedom and new levels of success at a highly accelerated rate. 


Daniel has been known as the Billionaire’s Wizard having supported many of the world’s top tech founders through emotional healing and evolution of their paradigms. He has presented to world leaders at Necker Island and private masterminds hosting the world’s greatest thought leaders and influencers. 


Having been initiated in several lineages from ancient mystery schools, Daniel’s mission is to share how to harness the core principles of reality in a simple and effective way for worldwide liberation and peace. He currently runs retreats and lessons in-person and online and is passionate about volunteering for people in need and veterans with PTSD.

Daniel considers himself an eternal student who is grateful for the countless teachers and teachings on his path. Being born with advanced intuitive abilities which then shut down after a series of traumatic events, Daniel left conventional therapies for a 13-year healing quest around the world to overcome severe mental and emotional challenges and now is dedicated to sharing his discoveries with the world.


“Yesterday when I checked my bank account I was slightly shocked how it could possibly have been so cleared and elevated overnight. I received an extra huge payment from one of my former clients that I never expected.

This evening for the first time in a decade my ex husband treated me with understanding love and care and we had an absolutely needed conversation This is just so magical, this is so so needed for my journey ahead it seems and I am just so inspired and grateful to be shown ways and openings to unfold for me to stay here in the most natural and clear way."



“You have so much knowledge, experience and understanding, sharing this knowledge is gold and I'm so grateful for your amazing content you have helped me shake off alot of bad memories accidents operations illness from a life threatening infection...I could go thank you for giving me tools and techniques to free myself from these bad memories your a truly special sole,🙂..please keep your positive vibes and content going it's so fascinating I love learning” 


“​​Wow! I really needed this but I see now that it’s all about divine timing. I was in the right place to receive this. This video and this meditation took me higher than I expected. I’ve been praying for a mental breakthrough and mental clarity, and this was it. Thank you so much Daniel. You’re a true angel. Thank your for being here for us. Today I cried tears if relief. Something I haven’t felt in a long time… I’m thankful that I can now use this to manifest more into my life by simply feeling it. Things that I’ve wanted and wished for to be resolved. So much gratitude. Much love ❤️”


“I feel so much more  present in my body and in my day ready to engage with everything… I got to gain an immaculate, vivid vision of the life I want … on the very last day of our Dreamporting, I landed my first paid coaching client. Dreamporting is a way to accelerate you from where you are, right into the life you want to be living…right now.”

- Nemo

“Two weeks after we started Dreamporting, I was invited to speak with Deepak Chopra…incredible! …And so many other opportunities and clients…with ease, I didn’t have to push I didn’t have to force… I wanted to express the joy that I felt during the process, it was not difficult. Dreamporting is a rapid transformation where you can access your limitless self…I recommend this for anyone who wants to go to the next step, because it will take you there!”

- Marie Mbouni M.D.

Renowned Anesthesiologist and Spiritual Teacher 

This was the most powerful moment of my whole life. Thank you so much! I felt like levitating. At one moment I had a sort panic because I was loosing control but I focused on breathe and thought then it's okay I accept this fear I let it go away I let control go away. Then I started to feel warm, my body was tickling, my hand were tickling and I felt like a pressure at the end of my fingers like if some energy was trying to exit.  I journal all of that everyday and go deep into myself. I feel confident and positive, aligned. Thank you for this program."

- Luigi

Take Charge and Embody your Truth

I’m excited to have you with us and witness you shine your light,




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