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Divine Upgrade Replay:

Bonus 1-1 Sessions
Watch how any issue can be cleared in minutes!

Testimonials from Event:

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had… - Karine


The gratitude and happiness I feel is overwhelming to tears...happy tears… - Lemon


left hip pain totally disappeared - Deb


My neck just unblocked - Emina


childhood wound healed :) - Daryl


Amazing… It seems that I was trapped and was released⚡️ - Ana


That was beautiful. I felt like my heart exploded and out came blossoms of flowers like a vine, they just kept coming out - Elizabeth


It was a great experience... felt myself wrapped arround so many colours and so much love - Claudia


The exercise was wonderful. felt a lot of peace move through me and my energy field expands and my whole body was vibrating - Dave


youre transmissions always take me back to memorys and blocks i would have never ever thought of working on..thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ - Jessica


it showed me a dream which felt more real than my current life, it asked me to feel it to have strength to let go in order to receive - Christina


Definitely felt the shifts. I definitely felt my new life! I'm literally crying thank you!!! - Edgar

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