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DALL·E 2024-01-15 15.28.26 - In this mystical scene, set within an ancient mystery school

The Event to Free your Mind, unleash your gifts & materialize your dreams!

Austin TX ~ March 28-31 2024

Organic Food included

Awaken Your Magic

our promise: Are you still stuck after putting in much effort? This is your moment: by saying yes to joining, you are 100% guaranteed to breakthrough into the next level of your true expression.

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It's time to awaken your magic!

Before you were programmed, mistreated, and punished for being yourself, you were a limitless being full of creativity, access to spiritual realms, and the natural innocence and confidence to launch into your dreams. This experience is the undoing of those stories by safely empowering you to: recapitulate your power, rewrite your past, reprogram your subconscious, & express all the parts you didn't feel safe to in order to fully anchor in the true version of yourself and fly!

What is a dreamporting Retreat like?



Here is what you can expect to experience and receive:

Free Your Expression:

Finally break through the "protection" mechanisms and unleash your full Soulful expression without the conditioning and programs of your past limiting the radiance that you are! The more you shine authentically, the greater reflections in your relationships and abundance will be, as they will no longer be limited, just like you!

DALL·E 2024-01-16 14.26.28 - An angelic 35-year-old Mexican woman is depicted in a mystica

Awaken Your Spirit

Awaken to a world everything is perfect, you can instantly recode reality, and miracles are a continual flow throughout life. Through a series of initiations, playful games, and alchemical journeys, you'll be guided beyond the veils of illusion. You will then Stabilize this awakened state within you and carry it forward into every aspect of your life.

DALL·E 2024-01-16 14.47.33 - An image depicting a 22-year-old African man experiencing a s

Unleash Your Gifts:

Unlock and expand your innate gifts and ones you did not know you possessed, through mirroring exercises, angelic magic, and gamified experiences. In the realm of endless possibilities, we stand by your side, ensuring every barrier to your soul being embodied is dismantled. Rediscover your genius and magic, and remember the unique gifts you bring to this world.

DALL·E 2024-01-16 17.10.02 - An image depicting a 30-year-old Norwegian oracle channeling
DALL·E 2024-01-16 14.28.15 - The scene is set at a Renaissance celebration in a grand cast

Unlock Your Bliss
Rediscover the natural flow of joy that springs eternal within you. By jumpstarting this innate bliss, watch as it magnifies abundance, ignites creativity, and boosts confidence. It's a journey back to your heart's joyful rhythm, resonating with the pulse of life itself.


What's included:
4 magic-packed days of transformation including group and 1-1 support

Choice of 3 private sessions with a variety of practitioners including bodywork, chiropractic, oracle reading, & more!
Organic and magically-charged foods from around the galaxy
A plethora of magical treats and potions will be shared with you throughout the journey!    


Realize your complete system to instantly transform any block and consistently materialize your dreams !

"Dreamporting was a life changing paradigm shift for me. Dreamporting gave my operating system an upgrade."
-Adi Shankar: Netflix Producer, Creator of Guardians of Justice & Castlevania

Each DAY includes:

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Daniel Raphael is an energetic surgeon & alchemist. Through his practice thousands have entered with their insecurities and through his process those same insecurities become super powers. 


From living with tribes in the jungle, learning manifestation from a benevolent billionaire, and being self-initiated through ancient and forgotten manuscripts, Daniel’s 13 year journey around the world to heal from debilitating anxiety, depression, and autistic symptoms led him from a broken child to the advisor of some of the leaders of Fortune 500 of our age and a teacher of his unique system: Dreamporting to over 50,000 students around the world. He will be leading this retreat and offering 1-1 support throughout the experience.


Dr Maria De Franco is a holistic chiropractor with over 19 years of bodywork experience. She is first and foremost a listener for your body. Utilizing the art of muscle testing, she helps swiftly and gently bring your body, mind and spirit into a deeper state of vitality. She will be one of several master practitioners offering 1-1 sessions as well as an incredible embodiment workshop to seal in all of your upgrades in the retreat. 


Mary Olivar specializes in supporting people and businesses in harmoniously aligning with their true purpose, potential, and power. Her professional adventures have all been founded on promoting healing plants, vibrant harmonious living, and an awoken consciousness.  


Deeply rooted in the nurturing vibration of Pacha Mama Earth, Mary also specializes in the intersection of consciousness and business. Combining tenets of Conscious Capitalism and traditional wisdoms, Mary works with companies and teams to find and energize their truth and core mission, and to create alignment with this higher purpose and their business practices. 



Vance McMurry creates space for people to heal by leveraging unique technologies, presence, and love.  Vance has discovered an incredible healing device that resets the nervous system and has offered incredible miracles to people's lives both physically, emotionally and spiritually and is excited to hold space and share this technology with you! 


Sara D Morell is a public speaker-stage to 1 million, author of Magnetize guidebook, builder of global communities and venturer of real estate. She will be sharing Ancient Secrets of healing and a powerful abundance activation as well as offering coaching and support.  


4 days of magic & Liberation:

DAY I: The Angelic Temple

Experience a variety of breakthrough experiences to transcend the programming and blocks that have ​limited your life and expression, including gamified energy sharing and channeling exercises, angelic healing circles, and a deep purification initiation. You will have many 1-1 opportunities to transform and be supported, loved and guided in a variety of forms. 

DALL·E 2024-01-15 14.49.17 - A serene scene set in an ancient mystery school during the Re

Day II: The Alchemist's lab

This is a joyous and magic-filled day, including an alchemical potions class where you will channel the frequencies of the next version of yourself and the "missing" qualities you wish to possess, first into a set of potions, and then deep into your body and soul to free the version of you ​that is without limits and fear. After a full day of energy games and rituals to stabilize your True Self, you will be invited to a Mystic Festival where a buffet of healing technologies, master oracles, and specialist bodyworkers will work on you and unlock deeper codes while you celebrate and enjoy a banquet of delights. 

DALL·E 2024-01-16 18.59.56 - An image showcasing a lush, overgrown garden filled with rare

Day III: The Sacred waters

During this integration and embodiment day, you will be invited to an optional sacred spring before a magic brunch, followed by incredible activations and integrative workshops. This is a day to rediscover the joys and magic of being in your body and recoding it to emanate your greatest essence.

DALL·E 2024-01-15 15.20.24 - This revised version of the ancient Renaissance spa scene pla

Day IV: The Ancient Bazaar 

On our final day together, we will recreate an ancient bazaar where you will have the opportunity to share your unique gifts, including the ones that have just come online, in a relaxed and joy-filled environment. ​With our final manifestation rituals and closing circle, this will seal in and launch you into the highest timeline of your fully-expressed, abundance and magical self.

DALL·E 2024-01-15 15.23.50 - This vibrant scene depicts a Renaissance fair during the Ital

Hear How These Events Transformed lives:

How it works:

Instead of using psychedelic plant medicines, Dreamporting events offers subtle energetic potions, the help of Angels, and the use High Magic where the highest good of all is our True North. 


This Divine Force is what flows through you and gives you clarity, guidance, and allows for miracles to spontaneously emerge. This Force operates through Metaphysical Laws and Ancient Techniques which when initiated into usher in the greatest freedom and opportunity to co-create a more beautiful world. 


In this experience, not only will you go through a variety of fun, cathartic, and empowering experiences that may remind you of a Mystic School from the movies or ancient times, you will learn how to use many of these quantum tools to empower you for life and if you desire, facilitate them for others! 


When we upgrade our Operating System to the divine perspective and claim our own Divinity within, the mountains in our path will move, and our greatest dreams will find us, fast. 


If you’ve been looking for the true life breakthrough or up level after trying many other things, you’ve found it! No one leaves these experiences without profound realizations and miracles. Your time is now! 

DALL·E 2024-01-15 15.28.26 - In this mystical scene, set within an ancient mystery school


DALL·E 2024-01-15 14.55.21 - This revised scene is set in an ancient mystery school, where
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