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Welcome to the


Your all-in-one support system to finally dissolve your deepest blocks, recode your energy field, and magnetize complete freedom, abundance, & fulfillment!

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The Academy is designed to equip you with the Universal Laws and the keys to navigate reality, while empowering you to awaken your True Self to co-create a more beautiful world of freedom and joy.

The more you shed your false limitations, the more you align with your True Self, magnetizing your greatest dreams and fulfilling your mission.


“Dreamporting was a life changing paradigm shift for me. One paragraph of endorsement cannot fully summarize the plethora of ways in which my life improved from this system so I’ll just say this … if our minds and bodies are computers then Dreamporting gave my operating system an upgrade.”

– Adi Shankar

Executive Producer of Netflix series “Castlevania,” & many other critically acclaimed Hollywood hits.


Before you is:

The cultivation of tools and activations to bridge the gap in your spiritual toolkit.

Next-level Training in topics including: Manifestation, Energy Healing, Biohacking & Physical Optimization, Astrological & Financial strategies, and more!

Weekly Intuitive mentoring - receive psychic readings, card readings, mentorship, and 1-1 laser healing and coaching in groups each week for your specific needs.

What’s included:

  • 30 day Flagship Course

  • Group Energy Healings

  • Life Force Kundalini Activations 

  • Live intuitive readings
    Group coaching sessions

  • Access to incredible playlists, resources

  • Our three month transformational course, Rapid Awakening ($2888 value)

  • Bonus surprise classes 

  • Transformational meditations

  • Manifestation Rituals

  • Community networking/support


Receive unlimited access to ALL of our Best-Selling individual 60-90 minute classes, our 30 day Flagship Quantum Jumping Program: Dreamporting Quest, AND our three month transformational course, Rapid Awakening!

Our self paced offerings are known to accelerate healing and incredible manifestations with thousands of successful cases around the globe. We’re here to support you in grounding your unseen dreams into reality, and hold you from a place of deep love and support.

Here’s a sample of some of our many trainings & activations:

  • Manifestation and Abundance Rituals

  • Inner Child Meditations

  • Oracle Card Readings

  • Astrology Readings and Updates

  • Community Connection Calls

  • Dreamporting Games

  • Kundali Activations and Yoga


There are 3 reasons I’ve found that people are not manifesting the life of their dreams:


The Academy will empower you to master all three of these keys with a variety of trainings, energy transmissions, and laser coaching support in groups! Once you stop driving with the breaks on and access your inner soul GPS, your external reality will be congruent with your internal reality, aka, your soul’s greatest dreams!


Overcome self sabotage, procrastination, and resistance once and for all! We show you how to easily reveal where it is coming from and dissolve it using Quantum Energy techniques that work like a charm. We were never taught in school how to harness the power of our energy, subconscious, and emotions yet this is the most important key to success in life! Welcome to the mystical school we all wish we had as children and only see in movies!

Here’s why the Academy was born:


Recode your Auric Field:

By entering this container, you are part of a magnetic agreement field. Just like a ceremony, the main energy activation that happens is to align and awaken you to your True Self and magnetize your soul’s dreams. Most people have tears in their energy field with parts of their soul attached to past unresolved people or trauma, future attachments, and other limitations. Aligning with the universal laws and receiving regular energy clearings and transmissions are like going to a chiropractor for your soul! I’ve found that regular energetic adjustments have been superior to a one-time breakthrough or psychedelic experience in terms of integrating, embodying and magnetizing results in an accelerated way!

Becoming Whole & Emotionally at Peace:

Emotions are often the #1 block in people’s lives from moving forward and enjoying a stable flow. Constant feast and famine, or emotional ups and downs in various areas of life are due to unintegrated aspects of self and subconscious frequency limiters. We train you on how to completely dissolve these distortions, integrate yourself into wholeness, and offer you personalized support for your unique needs in a variety of ways to accelerate your path forward with grace and love.


Become a Master of Vibration:

By receiving regular energetic upgrades, along with trainings, meditation and laser support, you will discover deeper laws of reality, and quantum techniques to recode timelines, negativity, and much more! People’s faces have often changed after a few weeks taking the Quest and other courses in the Academy because of the amount of trauma, tension, and old paradigms that melt away when you simply commit to semi-regular and short guided activations meant to completely alchemize your limits and embody your True Self. You were meant to be the director of your movie, and co-create with the Universe. We are honored to be a guide on your journey.

Karmic/Pattern Clearing:

Many don’t realize that the addictions, self-sabotage and patterns in their life are due to karma that accumulates over lifetimes. Because it’s invisible, except in the list of “negative” experiences that accumulate, there are fast and easy ways to clear Karma and the deepest engrained patterns of the subconscious and energy bodies. The key is to take responsibility, stay neutral, and awaken your awareness and compassion. This, paired with energy trainings, and regular karma and energy clearings allow people to quantum leap in rapid ways while receiving personal support with anything that is still stuck for the optimal trajectory of growth and evolution.`


Transform from your old life script / programming to your Divine Blueprint!  

Dreamporting Academy.png

Aloha, It’s Daniel Raphael

"Daniel is my favorite wizard. His work is transformational and I highly recommend it. You’ve just got to try it!” – Richard Gordon, author/founder of QuantumTouch


My mission is to share the Universal Laws and Ancient Techniques to liberate yourself & materialize your soul’s purpose & dreams, while making it fun, simple, and easy! 

I’ve been studying the metaphysics of manifesting, abundance, and healing for over 15 years and lived with or trained with dozens of great masters including those from a variety of lineages: The Bwiti of Gabon, the Yanawana and Shipibo of the Amazon, Buddhist Masters of Tibet, a Taoist Rinpoche, Enlightened masters from India who I traveled with, Mages from Indonesian Royalty as well as from the ancient Hermetic tradition, and even underground superhumans and specialists across the globe! 

After realizing the common threads between them as well as potent new techniques that were given to me during meditation, Dreamporting was born! Since then I’ve trained over 50,000 students  from all over the world to find their true expression, free themselves of the deepest blocks and limitations, and manifest incredible miracles and abundance. Now, I’d love to serve you.

How It Works…

You’ll be added to our Academy community to share wins and breakthroughs, and receive special bonuses.


You’ll have instant access to all our recorded classes including our flagship Quest course!

The Dreamporting Quest is a transformative journey that gives you a magic toolkit of brainwave entraining activations to ensure you can fly above the negativity in this time and shine your light to the world on a whole new level.

Weekly Quantum Energy Transmissions

Every week you’ll experience a group clearing, life force activation, or energy transmission session with Daniel or one of his advanced master facilitators that he often is mentored from, that will help release all the energy blocks holding you back from your manifestations and dreams.

Group Coaching Sessions

You’ll receive group mentoring sessions monthly that will dive deep into powerful topics that are relevant and help you breakthrough and move forward with ease and answer your questions!

Powerful Meditations

You’ll get potent and powerful Meditations that will help raise your vibration, remove any blocks, or bring about deep peace and calm.

Surprise Bonus Sessions

We love to throw in exciting bonuses to keep the community activated!

Exclusive Community & Support Group

You will receive access to our private community where you can share your breakthroughs, network, and support each other in incredible ways. Many people have become lifelong friends, partners and more after connecting with incredible soul tribe!

Refund Policy

You have 7 days from when you sign up to experience the magic of the Academy risk-free. You can also cancel anytime with our monthly membership option.

Monthly Membership

Subscribe Monthly,
cancel anytime.

  $444 / MONTH

Annual Membership

Subscribe Annually,
Get Two Months Free

Discounted to $4,444 / YEAR


See you soon!
Daniel Raphael

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