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The complete system to
recode your energetic field &
rapidly magnetize the life of your dreams.

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This realm is filled with laws & phenomena that we are not taught about as children, and often told the opposite of what is true. Unlearning the false information, detangling from duality, and setting up the right perspective ensures a life of success, joy, and abundance which come effortlessly to those in divine alignment. This course is an initiation that harnesses the ancient High Magic that casts out the oppositional force that clouds our eyes and manifest our fears instead of our dreams.


With illumination, you will receive techniques and activations to bring you back into your Divine Blueprint, and unlock your abilities for instant clarity and knowing, alchemizing reality from within, and rapid manifestation.


You deserve to know the truth and remember the divine birthright you were given, including access to your very own Guardian Angel which will guide your path and protect you throughout the initiations into the life of your dreams. This course is a gateway to your true empowerment and awakening and we would be honored to hold your hand in this sacred path. 




  • Purify yourself of the deepest programs, conditioning, and blocks.

  • Learn to use specific Angels to instantly cast out negative energies, illusions, and energetic blocks.

  • Discover the way to recode your life during sleep to upgrade and purify your life from ancient Hermetic tradition.

  • Cultivate awareness around your shadows and subconscious blocks, and learn to harness their potential to alchemize them into your highest potential.

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  • Focus on opening your heart to unconditional love and the divine perspective as the key to ascending into a new timeline and life-script!

  • Master your relationships to yourself and others, including friends, team members, and deepening or calling in divine union.

  • Harness the power of relationships to mirror the unintegrated aspects of Self to evolve and flourish.

  • Learn to use your relationships as the most potent tool for awakening and heal the karmic wounding that manifest as challenges in relationships.

  • Journey with your astral body to activate the highest expression of your heart to magnetize loving, fulfilling relationships.

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  • Awaken your Intuition and psychic senses to new levels!

  • Train in a potent Magic system to quantumly clear and realign situations in your life and unblock manifestations.

  • Discover how to control your vibration and master neutrality to affect change in the quantum field.

  • Learn to unlock your unique creative genius and align with your higher purpose to magnetize harmonic synchronicity in your life.

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  • Discover the deeper Universal Laws and deepen your relationship to the Divine as you anchor in the Divine Perspective.

  • Stabilize your awareness in oneness and non-duality to dissolve negative timelines and increase your capacity to live in flow and grace!

  • Dissolve the deepest layers of the psyche that have been binding you to vicious cycles, self-sabotage, and counter manifestations through the alchemy of Divine Awareness.

  • Allow the Divine Perspective to Dissolve the deepest of Karmic & Energetic Blocks for radical transformation in all aspects of life. 

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  • Master the Rapid Manifestation Protocol and radically increase your capacity for abundance, financial health, and the flow of miracles through your life.

  • Pinpoint any remaining areas of scarcity or limiting beliefs to unlock the gifts that you've been praying for, for years.

  • Upgrade your operating system to harness the forces of the universe and radiate abundance, trust, and confidence. 

  • Dissolve distortions and dualities in your subconscious and energy field to collapse negative timelines and manifest from the Divine Perspective to allow a life of ease, grace, and wholesome alignment.

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  • Activate your KA Bliss body to live in the effortless stream of miracles and automatically magnetize more synchronicities, opportunities, and gifts.

  • Receive pinpoint clarity on your purpose and directives on moving forward in living your passion.

  • Stabilize the joy in your life and discover more tools to rapidly recenter yourself and harness the Universal Laws to neutralize problems before they manifest in order to live in empowered stability.

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"Dreamporting was a life changing paradigm shift for me. Dreamporting gave my operating system an upgrade."
-Adi Shankar: Netflix Producer, Creator of Guardians of Justice & Castlevania



Payment plans & financing available

Each module includes:

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What's included:

  • 7 LIVE Activations + Laser Coaching with Daniel Raphael

  • 6 LIVE Activations + Laser Coaching with Sara D Morell 

  • 12 LIVE Support/Laser Coaching Calls with Master Dreamporting Coaches

  • 6 Advanced Training Recordings with Daniel

  • 10 Recorded Activations/Meditations by Daniel

  • 7 rituals to build and recode your energy field

  • Lifetime Access to all recordings, meditations, classes, and any new bonuses we decide to add as time goes on to this transformative system.

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  • Lifetime Access to biweekly Intuitive Guidance by Daniel Raphael and Master Guides to support your personal life, spiritual innerstanding, and even growing your business/abundance! Hop on anytime for 1-1 laser coaching! ($10,000 Value)

  • Recode your Body meditation and workout by renown acrobat Andreas Alfaro ($500 value)

  • Lifetime Access to our Online Community where you get individualized care, network, share wins, receive and share support, and make amazing soul friends for life! ($997 value)

  • Gene Key Activation to decode your unique blueprint and evolve your relationship to self and others to new heights ($333)

  • The Secret Library! This is your all-Access pass to unknown or near-impossible to find Specialists, Psychics and Oracles, Herbs and Potions, and consciousness enhancing technologies around the world that I use as well as playlists for various state changes and healing journeys that bring people to tears and incredible healing experiences.

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Are you Ready to: 






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Welcome to the


Lifetime of Support

Imagine..if you have a relationship issue that arises in two years, or wanted to manifest more in your business in 5 years? We’d still be here, supporting you. When you join, you’re joining a family. And many participants are now incredible friends. We’ve had two people meet that are now life partners, a whole group that did a sacred site tour in Egypt, and many regular gatherings around the world of support and play.



Daniel is an energetic surgeon & alchemist. Through his practice thousands have entered with their insecurities and thru his process those same insecurities become super powers. 


From living with tribes in the jungle, learning manifestation from a benevolent billionaire, and being self-initiated through ancient and forgotten manuscripts, Daniel’s 13 year journey around the world to heal from debilitating anxiety, depression, and autistic symptoms led him from a broken child to the advisor for some of the leaders of Fortune 500 of our age and a teacher of his unique system: Dreamporting to over 50,000 students around the world.


Having been born with extraordinary psychic abilities and unmistakable traits of a healer, life took Daniel on a detour when he developed debilitating mental and physical challenges and had multiple near-death experiences. One day he woke up from a dream that guided him to meet his first energy healer who transformed his life in only 5 minutes. This led him to train and develop his own energetic modality that has facilitated miracles for tens of thousands of people around the globe. 


Sara D Morell

Sara D Morell is a public speaker-stage to 1 million, author of Magnetize guidebook, builder of global communities and venturer of real estate. She is one of the founders of Sanctuary, an eco-luxury development building mini cities globally. Her life is dedicated to sharing ancient secrets and intuitive wisdom that have helped many lives. Owning multiple businesses, including RoyEl, Sara is the founder of a global NPO that helped fund and run a school for impoverished children and aiding orphans internationally, receiving the humanitarian award in India in 2023. 

She will be offering a potent activation for each module followed by a long Q/A to laser coach or channel guidance for anyone joining LIVE! 

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Experience Module One and receive personalized support to undergo a powerful transformation through our diverse offerings. We are confident that you will find immense value in our program, but if for any reason you decide it's not the right fit, simply post your completed homework in the group and have a brief chat with us to understand why. We offer a hassle-free 100% refund of your payment.



"Dreamporting RA is a program that completely changed my life. I came across it at a very low point in my life - module by module, I was able to release my false perceptions and drastically shift my awareness. Since starting the program, my relationships with my parents have improved, I have called in a romantic partner, and I have gained the confidence and clarity to move forward in my career. RA is unique and effective because it is based on the fundamentals of Truth, coupled with powerful energetic activations. The growth that I’ve experienced in the short 3 months has been incredible - I would recommend this to anyone and everyone on the spiritual path!"

results from RA Students:

"I've been going through a journey called blood values have improved, it's connected to the inner work"

"I actually got a grant in, 1.5 million dollars...never written a grant before"

Average Results from
our first RA group:

21% increase in their intuition

43% increase in their trust in life

78% increase in their level of abundance

100% said it positively changed their life

100% it transformed one or more of their greatest blocks

100% increased their motivation and positivity for life

100% felt significantly more confident and empowered

100% would recommend this course to people they love

*from before and after surveys of all students who completed the modules of Dreamporting Ra. Results vary and are determined by your own commitment and inner-work.


Welcome to the

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