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About Daniel

DANIEL RAPHAEL is a global meditation teacher and high-impact coach that advises Fortune 500 founders and high-impact leaders, as well as thousands of students in his Dreamporting Academy. Through deep understanding and direct harnessing of the laws which govern reality, Daniel offers effortless and simple guidance that allows individuals and companies to achieve empowerment, freedom and new levels of success at a highly accelerated rate. 

Daniel has been known as the Billionaire’s Wizard having supported many of the world’s top tech founders through emotional healing and evolution of their paradigms. He has presented to world leaders at Necker Island and private masterminds hosting the world’s greatest thought leaders and influencers. 

Having been initiated in several lineages from ancient mystery schools, Daniel’s mission is to share how to harness the core principles of reality in a simple and effective way for worldwide liberation and peace. He currently runs retreats and lessons in-person and online and is passionate about volunteering for people in need and veterans with PTSD.

Daniel considers himself an eternal student who is grateful for the countless teachers and teachings on his path. Being born with advanced intuitive abilities which then shut down after a series of traumatic events, Daniel left conventional therapies for a 13-year healing quest around the world to overcome severe mental and emotional challenges and now is dedicated to sharing his discoveries with the world.

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Daniel presenting the story of his life to world leaders at Necker Island




“In five minutes that he met me, he deciphered what was going on in my life...the thing I take away most is feeling that I can do anything!"

Mara Gibbs / Writer: Huffington Post

“Daniel and I have been working together for over two years and my life has completely changed because of that …after having built and sold multiple companies I thought I had my life on track and figured out, but deep down I had a lot of things that weren’t aligned that were holding me back from achieving my full potential and being healthy. Daniel was intensively on call 24/7 when I needed him and I emerged a new person in a way that words cannot adequately describe. I’ve tried hundreds of different spiritual, psychological and biohacking things. Some of them work, many don’t … but working with Daniel was one of the top three things I’ve ever experienced. Daniel and I work to this day to ensure that my health, happiness and my team’s health and happiness are the best they can possibly be.”

Justin Kathan, Founder: Ra, Co-founder: Joist

“Daniel has tremendously helped my personal and spiritual development in so many ways. His ability to understand exactly what’s needed next to level up your personal journey for abundance, manifestation, and personal enlightenment is one of his greatest assets. The business opportunities that have opened up in just the past year alone has been more than the past decade. I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to tremendously improve oneself, grow their business, or awaken one’s highest self!”

Peter Nyguen, Founder: AdExchange, Push Innovation, Chargeback360

“Daniel’s gifts have brought deep healing in my life and many of my closest friends. The pinpoint accuracy and speed that he works through trauma and blocks is like nothing I’ve ever seen."

Michael Hrotoski, Founder: The School for Men


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